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Sh. Mahendra Kumar Kesharwani

Sh. Mahendra Kumar Kesharwani, born in 1941, was not just a businessman and farmer but also a revered social activist in the vibrant city of Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. His life story is woven with a tapestry of vision, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to community development.

In the year 1980, Sh. Mahendra Kumar Kesharwani’s visionary spirit led him to establish the ‘Adarsh Steel Factory,’ a pivotal step that echoed in the industrial landscape of the region until the year 2000. His significant influence extended to the broader business community, where he served as the Vice President of the Industry and Business Federation (Udyog and Vyapaar Mahasangh) in Madhya Pradesh.

His commitment to progress manifested as he assumed the role of President in the Steel Complex Industrial Area, Chanatoria, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. This leadership position underscored his dedication to shaping and nurturing industrial spaces for the benefit of the community.

His commitment to progress manifested as he assumed the role of President in the Steel Complex Industrial Area, Chanatoria, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. This leadership position underscored his dedication to shaping and nurturing industrial spaces for the benefit of the community.

Sh. Mahendra Kumar Kesharwani’s lifelong commitment to micro-businesses was evident in his role as the President of the ‘Micro Business Owners Association Sagar (Futkar Kirana Vyapari Sangh).’ This position underscored his dedication to empowering and supporting small business owners in the region.

Beyond the confines of the business realm, Sh. Mahendra Kumar Kesharwani contributed significantly as an advisor in the District Telecom Advisory Committee. His multifaceted approach to community development was not only confined to business and industry but also encompassed the crucial area of telecommunications.

A pivotal figure in the industrialization of Sagar, Sh. Mahendra Kumar Kesharwani played a crucial role in establishing the industrial region alongside the then Industrial Minister of Madhya Pradesh. His strategic vision and collaborative efforts laid the foundation for the region’s economic growth and prosperity.

In 1995, driven by an unwavering will to diversify and expand, Sh. Mahendra Kumar Kesharwani ventured into the field of Sand Stone Mining. This marked the inception of a new chapter as, under his astute leadership and guidance, Sagar Sand Stone was established in 1998. The reins of this venture were handed over to his daughter-in-law, Smt. Kiran Kesharwani, as a testament to his legacy and commitment to family values.

Sh. Mahendra Kumar Kesharwani’s life was a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and community service. His impact on the industrial, business, and social landscape of Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, continues to reverberate, shaping a legacy that inspires generations to come.


Smt. Kiran Kesharwani

Smt. Kiran Kesharwani, a remarkable entrepreneur, was born in the divine city of Kashi (Varanasi) in 1968. Her early years were spent in the industrial city of Renukoot, Uttar Pradesh, where her father was employed at Hindalco, shaping the backdrop of her childhood and school-life.

A graduate in Commerce from the prestigious Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, Smt. Kiran Kesharwani embarked on a transformative journey that reached its pinnacle when she married Sh. Dilip Kesharwani in 1989. Little did they know that this union would mark the beginning of a remarkable entrepreneurial odyssey.

While initially known as a dedicated wife and mother, Smt. Kiran Kesharwani’s husband, Sh. Dilip Kesharwani, recognized her innate entrepreneurial skills that went beyond the conventional roles assigned to women in society. Her potential, stifled by societal expectations, found an ally in her husband and father-in-law, who encouraged and supported her to embark on a new journey.

From being a devoted mother of two children, Smt. Kiran Kesharwani has evolved into a symbol of persistence and dedication, proving that limitations imposed by societal roles could only postpone the inevitable. Her journey transcends conventional norms, and her resilience and determination have played a pivotal role in her success.

Supported by her family, Smt. Kiran Kesharwani ventured into entrepreneurship, taking the reins of Sagar Sand Stone in 1998. Today, she stands as a testament to the adage that greatness knows no gender. Her journey, from a dedicated wife and mother to now a proud grandmother of an amazing four-year-old grandson, exemplifies her multifaceted role in both family and business.

Smt. Kiran Kesharwani continues to be a driving force in her entrepreneurial endeavors, supported by the unwavering encouragement of her family. Her story resonates as an inspiring example for the society, showcasing the transformative power of determination, familial support, and breaking societal norms. As she moves forward, Smt. Kiran Kesharwani remains a beacon of strength and resilience, shaping a legacy that challenges stereotypes and creates a new legacy.

Sh. Dilip Kesharwani

Sh. Dilip Kesharwani, the eldest son of the esteemed Sh. Mahendra Kumar Kesharwani, was born in 1962 and grew up idealizing the remarkable legacy set by his father. From a young age, Sh. Dilip Kesharwani exhibited an unparalleled level of intelligence and an insatiable curiosity for learning, traits that would shape his journey in the years to come.

The early years of Sh. Dilip Kesharwani’s life were marked by the challenges of family poverty, a struggle that persisted until the establishment of the Adarsh Steel Factory by his visionary father. Undeterred by adversities, Sh. Dilip Kesharwani pursued his education with determination, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the esteemed Government Engineering College, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

As his father worked tirelessly to set up and run the family business, Sh. Dilip Kesharwani took it upon himself to shoulder the responsibilities of caring for the financial, emotional, and educational needs of his younger brothers and sisters. This early sense of responsibility and leadership foreshadowed his future role as a pillar of strength for his family.

Sh. Dilip Kesharwani commenced his professional journey in the Madhya Pradesh P.W.D. (Public Works Department) and dedicated nearly 30 years of service. His stature within the department was characterized by his exceptional knowledge, grit, determination, and problem-solving skills. He served across various cities in the proximity of Sagar and played a pivotal role in heading multiple infrastructure development government projects during his tenure.

Taking early retirement from the P.W.D. after ensuring the completion of his children’s college education, Sh. Dilip Kesharwani transitioned seamlessly into the role of Executive Director at Sagar Sand Stone. This marked the beginning of a new chapter where his strategic vision and leadership skills significantly contributed to the growth and success of the business.

Sh. Dilip Kesharwani’s unwavering support to his wife, Smt. Kiran Kesharwani, in understanding and managing the business cannot be expressed in words. In the midst of her business activities, he took on the role of teaching and guiding their children, demonstrating an extraordinary level of commitment to family and business alike.

Over the past decade, Sh. Dilip Kesharwani’s aggressive brand of entrepreneurship has propelled the business to new heights, multiplying its success tenfold. Continuing the legacy established by his father, he is now actively preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs. His daughter-in-law Suchika is being groomed to take up the reins of Sagar Sand Stone, while his son Anmol is poised to become the next Executive Director, ensuring that the legacy of excellence and innovation continues to thrive. Sh. Dilip Kesharwani stands as a testament to resilience, dedication, and visionary leadership, shaping a legacy that transcends generations.

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Grey Sandstone features soothing grey tones and a smooth, consistent surface, making it versatile for indoor and outdoor designs, adding a modern touch to any project.

Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown Sandstone boasts rich brown tones reminiscent of autumn colors, with natural variations and unique veining adding depth to any setting. Whether for paving, cladding, or landscaping, it brings a cozy and natural charm to spaces.

Sagar Black

Sagar Black Sandstone epitomizes sophistication with its deep black hue, bringing timeless elegance to any space. Its fine-grained texture enhances visual appeal, making it a sought-after option for classic and contemporary designs alike, perfect for spaces where bold refinement is desired.

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